As multimedia journalist based in Turkey for over the past nine years. and now living and working in the US. I use a DSLR and own a full set of sound and stabilization gear., and regularly work with c100/c300

I am an American citizen but also hold a Brazilian passport.  

Here are some links to the packages I've worked on.



Search For Common Ground

Niger’s feared gang leader turns into bold youth activist

Boniface Mudenge, the genocide survivor who is healing Rwanda

Congolese Army Wife Stands Up Against Domestic Violence


Why Istanbul Should Be Called Catstantinople | The Wall Street Journal


Behind the smiles at school for child victims of Syria conflict | The Telegraph


Istanbul's Old Han's: the Original Makers Fair

Can a Rapper fix Congo?  | Unpublished story on Innoc B, a teenage rapper set out to heal a nation

Consequences of mass killings of ethnic Armenians still reverberate | The Wall Street Journal

Erdogan speaks of brotherhood with Kurds at campaign rally | CNN

Church Go-Ing | B-roll for a story with The Riveter on Church Fashion in Goma


The Hard Life of a Sweet Trade | Culinary Backstreets 

Pot Dealer: Reviving a Turkish Copper-smithing Tradition | Culinary Backstreets

Tophane Tarihi Taş Fırın: Fast Break Bake | Istanbul Eats

I also regularly shoot B-roll for clients such as Save The Children, Search for Common Ground and UNHCR.