As multimedia journalist based in Turkey for over the past five years. I work mainly here an in the greater Middle East on a range of topics but mostly cover women's issues. I use a DSLR and own a full set of sound and stabilization gear. I am an American citizen but also hold a Brazilian passport.  

Here are some links to the packages I've worked on.



Why Istanbul Should Be Called Catstantinople | The Wall Street Journal


Behind the smiles at school for child victims of Syria conflict | The Telegraph


     Istanbul's Old Han's: the Original makers Fair

Can a Rapper fix Congo?  | Unpublished story on Innoc B, a teenage rapper set out to heal a nation

Consequences of mass killings of ethnic Armenians still reverberate | The Wall Street Journal

Erdogan speaks of brotherhood with Kurds at campaign rally | CNN

Church Go-Ing | B-roll for a story with The Riveter on Church Fashion in Goma


The Hard Life of a Sweet Trade | Culinary Backstreets 

Pot Dealer: Reviving a Turkish Copper-smithing Tradition | Culinary Backstreets

Tophane Tarihi Taş Fırın: Fast Break Bake | Istanbul Eats

I also regularly shoot B-roll for clients such as Save The Children, Search for Common Ground and UNHCR.