Monique Jaques is an American photojournalist based between the US and the Middle East. Her work focuses on the representation of women through documentary photography and video. Her multi-award-winning approach to journalism reframes prevailing narrative and examines modern-day issues misrepresented in the media. 

Monique has spent the past seven years working for a variety of editorial and commercial clients whilst producing a diverse portfolio of documentary projects. She was recently listed on TIME Lightbox’s list of Female Photographers to Follow From Around The World.

Her major body of work ‘Gaza Girls: Growing up in the Gaza Strip’ challenges mainstream notions of this complicated place and explores issues of identity and religion. This project was first published in The New York Times and has been syndicated in Marie Claire Italy, Vogue Italy, Panorama Italy, The Telegraph and The Guardian UK. 

This work was a finalist for the Prix Bayeux-Calvados “Young Reporter’ award, the ANI Prix Palace shortlist in 2015, and the Flash Forward: Emerging Photographer Competition 2015. This work was published by FotoEvidence Press in 2018. 

One of Monique’s recent projects documenting the first female rangers in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo focus’s on a positive narrative coming from a war-torn country. This work has been exhibited in PHOTOVILLE: The Fence and as part of a group exhibition in Torino, Italy called In Prima Lina. This work was first published by National Geographic and consequently in GEO Germany, Marie Claire France and La Croix.

Much of her editorial work has focused on challenging preconceived ideas of women and Islam and has published portfolios profiling Islamic Fashion, Muslim Beauty Pageants, Women living under ISIS and Sufism in Georgia. 

Monique has also been working on projects looking at the after effects of disease epidemics around the world. Her work on Guinea’s ability to combat Ebola was published in The New York Times Magazine and exhibited in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She documented the decimation of maternal health in Sierra Leone for The New York Times Lens Blog and the fallout of Zika in El Salvador for The Nation. 

Monique holds a BFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts 

Her first book “ Gaza Girls: Growing up in the Gaza Strip” was published in 2018 and can be purchased here


Editorial Clients

The New York Times Magazine/ National Geographic/ The New York Times/ The Washington Post /The Wall Street Journal/ The Christian Science Monitor/ GEO/ TIME

Corporate Clients

Dove/Samsung/ Finlandia/ Every Mother Counts/ UNHCR/ WaterAid/ Save The Children/ IRC/ Search for Common Ground

;:photo by Ed Ou

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Instagram: @moniquejaques